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Castle - Outskirt

Standing proud for more than 600 years, the magnificent spectacle of Lumley Castle dominates the County Durham landscape. Surrounded by beautiful parklands overlooking the River Wear and Durham County Cricket Ground, Lumley Castle is a magnificent monument to a bygone age of chivalry and honour.
Located between the historic city of Durham and the vibrant beats of Newcastle, perfectly situated to explore the North East of England. Lumley Castle is untdoubtedly one of the finest Durham hotels and UK business and leisure destinations, effortlessly combining old and new, to create a truly unique and memorable travel experience.

We invite you to experience Lumley Castle Hotel, a four star unique and inspirational venue; perfect for weddings, conferences, celebrations, luxury dining and leisure breaks.


For more than 600 years, the magnificent spectacle of Lumley Castle has dominated the County Durham landscape. Set within nine acres of parkland overlooking the River Wear, Lumley Castle Hotel is a fairytale setting for your wedding day.

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or larger celebration, we are sure that the magnificent state rooms and sumptuously decorated intimate dining rooms will not fail to impress. An exciting blend of heritage and splendour, superb food and outstanding service will make your day one to cherish and remember forever.


An important business meeting, a workshop for colleagues, a presentation to companies or simply a corporate entertainment event – all of these and more are possible at Lumley Castle. The castle’s stunning faclities and dedicated team mean they can cover every aspect of a conference, from providing meeting rooms to a themed dinner to end your day.

Elegant meeting rooms with all the facilities and the capacity to host functions for up to 150 guests are just two reasons why Lumley Castle is a popular conference venue. The impressive state rooms date back to the 14th century and include the Garter Room, designed by leading architect Sir John Vanbrugh. With several rooms to choose from, including the Bede, Sandbeck, Northumbria and Scarborough Room, Lumley Castle is the ideal meeting venue to impress potential clients, unveil new developments or train colleagues.


The year is 1595 and you are invited to attend the banquet feast of Sir John Lumley. Before the banquet starts, the doors to the dungeon and guardroom are thrown open where wine, ale & mead can be purchased. To the sound of bagpipes you will be greeted with a friendly smile, but take heed to be well behaved or his Lordship’s Executioner will deal with you!

Armed only with a dagger and a bib you will be served five courses of delicious food. Throughout the feasting the banquet maids will fill your goblets twice with mead and wine while entertaining you with songs, sketches and sing-a-longs.

Property Features


Lumley Castle, standing four square against the winds as it has done for over 600 years, makes a charming picture, especially in the autumn when the reddened leaves of the vine covering the south front are in their full beauty. Up to the 20th century, the green pastures sloped gently down to the River Wear, uninterrupted by the busy road to Sunderland, the east front overlooking the deep ravine through which flows the Lumley beck.


Lumley Castle takes its name from the man who was behind its creation, Sir Ralph Lumley. Ralph Lumley was a well-known figure at the time, a popular soldier, renowned for his bravery in battles. He played a key role in the defence of Berwick-on-Tweed in 1388 and, in the same year, led the attack at the Battle of Otterburn.


Despite his bravery, he was captured by the Scots, imprisoned and finally released the following year in 1389. Upon his return he petitioned the Bishop of Durham to allow him to convert the Manor House built by his ancestors into a castle - the remains of which can still be seen at the castle to this day.


Unfortunately Sir Ralph did not have much time to enjoy his new home. He was involved in the conspiracy to overthrow Henry IV and replace him with Richard II, a coup that failed and led to Sir Ralph and his son, Thomas, being arrested. The pair were both stripped of their titles and held prisoner until they were both executed in 1400.


The wealth and land belonging to the Lumley family was given to the Earl of Somerset, who owned the castle so beloved by Sir Ralph until his death in 1421. The earl had no son to bequeth his inheritance to, so under Elizabethan law, Lumley Castle and all its land was restored to its rightful owners - in this case Thomas, Sir Ralph's grandson.


Thomas Lumley continued the family tradition and was known as a brave and dashing soldier, a man of whom his grandfather would have been proud. He played a prominent role in the War of the Roses and was duly appointed constable of Scarbrough Castle for life. Thomas's bravery did not go unrewarded and he was summoned by writ to Parliament in 1461, where his family peerage was restored.


Sir Thomas was considered an important figure in court. He was involved in the successful siege of Bamburgh Castle and accompanied Edward IV into battle to oppose the late Queen Margaret's forces. After his death in 1485, his son George succeeded him. The name Lumley continued to play an important role in court life and in the day-to-day lives of the people of Chester-le-Street well into the 1800's.


In 1976 'No Ordinary Hotels' became the new tenants of Lumley Castle, turning it into a hotel which has fast developed a reputation of international renown.


Lumley Castle goes from strength to strength and is well established as a member of the 'No Ordinary Hotels' group. So why not book a stay at the castle and become part of its glorious history?


LUMLEY CASTLE's table of pricing

From: 770 to: 3100 / week.
Night : 178

King James Suite
Castle State
Castle Superior
Castle Classic
Courtyard State
Courtyard Superior
Courtyard Classic

All of the prices detailed above are 'From Rates' based on two adults sharing a room in a bed & breakfast basis


Elizabethan Banquet
Murder Mystery

All of the prices detailed in the table above are per person attending a themed banquet.


How to reach LUMLEY CASTLE

Set in the county of Durham in North England, Lumley Castle is an ideal location for a castle stay. The most popular attractions within Durham are the castle and cathedral, which are right in the city centre and literally next door to one another. This part of the city (known as Palace Green) has recently been designated a World Heritage Site and is one of the most important historic sites in North East England. Durham Cathedral is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture and features a stunning interior. With golf nearby, and the many historic treasures of the Northumbrian coastline to explore, or shopping at leisure at the famous Metro Centre, there are many reasons to extend your stay.

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