Luxury Castle Hire
Media City UK,
M50 2EQ

Luxury Castle Hire- Where your Dream becomes a Reality


Brand Statement

We are a hospitality business that specializes in ensuring that our customers can enjoy a different reality to their norm, that is in the form of enjoying the luxuries that a castle has to offer.
Luxury Castle Hire is committed in ensuring that we maintain a high level of service for customers who are seeking to benefit from any of the over 150 castles we have available in our portfolio. We understand the routine of life and we are passionate about making sure that your stay will be memorable.


Why hire a Castle?

We understand that hiring a castle may initially seem outlandish, however when there are significant life events to celebrate or the booking a company retreat to think about, something unforgettable should be considered and that is the nature of what we provide. Helping to foster greater company comradery within your organization or providing great conversation matter for attendees to your significant life event.


Why Luxury Castle Hire?

We have been in business since 1960 as a result we are knowledgeable about the nature of the service we provide, ensuring a demand specific service to the need our customers have.