The best businesses are always formed with passion — and Luxury Castle Hire is no exception

It was established in 1960 by John Bolton who was passionate about castles and exclusive venues and always viewed castle vacation as a big business opportunity. In 2008, he partnered with fellow director Melanie Horrocks. Since then, Luxury Castle Hire has proudly added more than 150 unique and historically diverse castles and properties to its portfolio all located in some of the most desirable parts of the globe.

We specialize in providing castle accommodation for parties, honeymoons, family gatherings, corporate events, weddings, self-catering holidays, New Year, Christmas and private functions with the common theme of an unforgettable castle experience. From catering to those who have saved up for an unforgettable experience to doing business with some of society’s most esteemed public figures, Luxury Castle Hire’s client list is extensive and diverse.

An established industry-leader with a litany of contacts, investments, affiliate programs, and assets, we continue to add new castles and properties to our portfolio. 

Only this time it’s different. 

Rather than continue on our own path, we have taken it upon ourselves, as collective members of the board, to open Luxury Castle Hire up to outside investment.

As a company that has prided itself on offering fairytale experiences, we intend to do the very same in this proposal. Of course, this is an altogether different kind of fairytale, one rooted not in magical castles and phantasmagorical firework displays but eye-catching, and unheralded monetary returns for you, the investor.

In this proposal, you will discover how you can: 

  • Earn 25-50% of future Luxury Castle Hire profits
  • Invest in a business that caters to some of the most exciting names in popular culture
  • Partner with one of the world’s biggest and most rapidly expanding events and investment companies

The Opportunity

Investing in Luxury Castle Hire may just be one of the best investments you’ll ever make- and we don’t say that lightly.

From the bucolic wonders of the Irish countryside to sun-soaked chateaus in southern French enclaves, Luxury Castle Hire boasts a dazzling array of properties in some of the wealthiest regions of the world.

Though we put on magical wedding experiences and other celebratory events in opulent and regal castles, a significant amount of our revenue comes from business-orientated retreats.

In times like these, an investment in us isn’t only sound and safe, but logically and financially viable. Not only do we believe that our proposal will garner you healthy returns, but it is also our estimation that each investor can expect returns of between 25-50%.

Take this recent piece from CNN Business. Aside from philanthropy, expenditure on golf-related activities is one of the most popular activities high net worth individuals partake in. Many of our events cater to corporate golf events, with much of our revenue coming from these types of services.

A recent poll conducted by market research website Social Tables found that 67% of luxury consumers use services such as ours to differentiate themselves from others. This may sound like nothing new, but in times like these, when the majority of income brackets will potentially be constricted for many years to come, this spells nothing but good news for a company like ours. 

Whilst times of uncertainty lie ahead, Luxury Castle Hire has the benefit of a built-in client list well into the thousands. From our 60 years of operating, our brand reputation is second to none. For the high-end market, this is essential. The spending of particular consumer demographics may indeed slow down in what is increasingly looking like an inevitable spell of economic stagnation. But unlike other income demographics, rarely do the wealthy stop spending entirely.

Time and time again, through the bad times and the good times, we have managed big budgets and delivered. There’s a reason our clients keep coming back to us. Ranging from a who’s who of high society, everyone from Former President George W.Bush to Hollywood icons Robert DeNiro and the late Charlie Chaplin has been entertained at a Luxury Castle Hire event. 

With thousands of contacts at our disposal, an investment with us won’t only bring substantial returns, it will open up your portfolio to a burgeoning and exciting industry that Luxury Castle Hire continues to lead the way in.


In times of economic uncertainty and, in this case, a global pandemic, economic forecasts, at first glance at least, appear to predict the worst.

It’s unsettling, not just as a country, but as a world citizen and investor, to see what is going on. Yet in an industry likes ours, where many of our customers already come from high net worth backgrounds, demand for our services remains in relatively high demand.

Whether we like to admit it or not, wealth is very much a self-contained entity, distributed not to the many, but contained within a coterie of individuals who regularly use our castles for a myriad of events. In short, we have become accustomed to dealing with clients whose wealth and income remains highly inelastic.

Whilst you may already be aware of this, we want to assure you that any investment in Luxury Castle Hire isn’t only lucrative, but also sound and safe.

History has long shown that investment in commercial real estate has been a go-to investment when trading in a recession. Not only is an investment in our business a more stable and less risk-averse investment than the now-volatile and downtrodden stock market, but records also show that investors nearly always take money out of the stock market and invest it in property in times of a recession.

Though trading as a castle hire business, our commercial portfolio is diverse, dynamic, and far-reaching, with investment opportunities in all the following areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Palaces
  • Villas
  • Mansions
  • Hotels
  • Student Accommodation
  • New Builds
  • Plots
  • Renovations
  • Apartments
  • Country Properties
  • Industrial Units
  • Business Premises
  • Commercial Buildings


Research shows investments in these areas- even in a recession- are far less dangerous than other outlays. The emerging school of thought in the subject of behavioral finance provides a great example.

The core principles of behavioral finance research show that instead of risk-averse behavior, investors trading in a recession typically become loss-averse

The difference?

Investors feel a more palpable sensation of hurt from financial losses than they do pleasure following profitable returns form their investments. It’s pretty much a case of taking for granted the good times, and wishing for it back when it’s taken away.

In other words, panic sets in. 

Expected Results

Even the smartest, most prudent of investors act irrationally.

In an unprecedented pandemic, owners selling properties below their market rate is all but inevitable. We at Luxury Castle Hire see no reason why this historical trend won’t continue in the coming months. 

With your investment, we will be able to expand and diversify our property portfolio to even greater lengths.

Buying assets from restless sellers is very much like buying them on sale. Whilst the initial investment may seem high-risk, such endeavor will prove fruitful once prices inevitably return to a more solid equilibrium following the eventual loosening of global COVID-19 restrictions.

Economic commentary from investment company Ned Davis Research analyzed 28 global economic catastrophes ranging from Nazi WWII invasions to a post-9/11 economy. In all cases, the group found that investors who took advantage of the situation and didn’t sell their assets (notice Hulbert Ratings graph of airline stock below in wake of 9/11 crisis increases less than two months later) found themselves better off financially than those who stripped themselves off theirs.

rationale investment

History is on our side, here. Liquidity will reenter the market, filtering through to the macroeconomy at large and drive up the prices- in our case- of newly acquired Luxury Castle Hire properties purchased below the market rate.

Make no mistake: thriving in a global crisis requires a level of clairvoyance that goes beyond any rudimentary understanding of domestic and international property markets. While we are under no illusions of the risk involved in this proposal, those who see the bigger picture and possess a high level of patience, will, as history routinely shows, see a solid return in their investment. 

Your investment in the expansion of Luxury Castle Hire won’t only be wise, it will offer an attractive 20-50% return in an otherwise derisory economic period.



Being on the right side of history isn’t an idiom we ever thought we would use in an investment proposal.

But in times like these, cliched and trodden idioms bear new significance. Things are different. Timing is suddenly everything. 

Like all great businesses, there are outliers. Thanks to consistent economic foresight and 60 years’ worth of trusted business relationships, Luxury Castle Hire continues to be one of them. With this proposal, we are adamant we can maintain this.

We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and partner with you in delivering an effective and profitable solution in such unheralded times.

With your investment, Luxury Castle Hire won’t only thrive, it will grow and develop as large swathes of commerce grapple with the dawning of a post-corona economy.

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact us at your convenience by email at or by phone on 08002922177. 

Alternatively, you can contact our New York office on +1-212- 796- 6904. Our dedicated team is on hand day and night to assist you in any questions you may have regarding the proposal.

Thank you for your consideration.


The Luxury Castle Hire team