Luxury Castle Hire the leading website for hiring castles, islands and villas is offering you its famous affiliate program. This is the website where castle, villa or private island owners connect with the holidaymakers who are looking for privacy, space, luxury and comfort.

Want to earn some extra money? This is your chance! If you have a business or a website that reaches the travel market, which means both the holiday homeowners and the holidaymakers, then there is a fair chance for you to earn a lot of money. And for that, all you have to do is refer qualified traffic to Luxury Castle Hire. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Luxury Castle Hire is here to provide you with an exciting and attractive Affiliate Programme that offers not only third-party tracking, but also monthly commission payments and real-time reporting. Could you ask for more?

At Luxury Castle Hire, we offer two commission payout models –

1. Property Owner Referral

You get a chance to earn commission on every new property listing the goes live on our website after approval

Here are some highlights –

  • Get to choose from a wide range of online ad units, and convert your customers by making use of useful tools along with special offers.
  • Get a commission of £50 once a new pay-per-booking (PPB) listing is made
  • You will be provided with a 60-day cookie in order to track new order referrals

2. Holidaymaker Booking

You get to earn up to 30% commission on your every reference of holidaymaker who makes a booking on Luxury Castle Hire.

Here are some highlights –

  • Want to earn 2% per booking made on Luxury Castle Hire? All you have to do is generate up to 50 holidaymaker bookings
  • You can earn 2.15% per booking if you get to generate more than 50 holidaymaker bookings
  • In order to get 2.5% per booking, all you have to do is generate more than 100 holidaymaker bookings
  • Want to get 3% per booking? You need to generate more than 500 holidaymaker bookings
  • In order to track new holidaymaker enquiry referrals, we will provide you with a 7-day cookie
  • You will get a number of online ad units to choose from
  • In order to accelerate holidaymaker bookings, you will be provided with the APIs of property listings that you can use in your search results

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