If you’re looking for an exclusive lads’ retreat then this gentlemen is possibly the ultimate in stag superiority! Luxury Castle Hire do everything and anything to make your day a day to remember

Camping, glamping, cottages and caravans, mere playgrounds for knaves, stately stags can now hire a Luxury Castle. And so our latest offering, set within its own private grounds, is a stunning castle in which to enjoy a spectacular weekend. Our impressive fortress comes complete with parking, games room, large kitchen, bar, stunning views from the turrets and ramparts and a heated indoor swimming pool. The castle and its grounds will be exclusively yours for your stay.

Peers & Beers – Rise Stag Knights
If you boys are going to Lord it up, it’s fitting that you should acquire suitable titles. ‘Lord of the Stags’ package will see each member of the stag party receive the title of “Lord”. Yes… you did read that correctly as sure as toff’s tartan your stags will become Lords. Each of the newly noble among you – apart from an unforgettable stag weekend, will receive a gold embossed certificate of title, a picture of crest/insignia, a dedicated landholding (two foot square of land)
in the Lake District plus the legal deeds to complete name changes on personal documents!

Seriously Lords?
Yes by Henry, you gentlemen will indeed be titled Lords, though not technically Peers of the Realm! It won’t surprise you that you won’t be sitting in the House of Lords and voting on issues of national importance but you will have the legitimate right to use your title on a daily basis. Probably best not to head back to work after your stag party and demand your boss starts calling you “Lord David of Hangovershire” though.