It’s time to turn your dream into reality! If you are planning a theme wedding at one of the magnificent castles in the UK or want to spend some time away from day-to-day hassles with your loved ones. We can help you arrange everything within your budget and requirements!

With a passion of turning our clients big day into a memorable moment, we come up with more than 150 castles in our portfolio that hold historical values and have stunning architecture.

Here at Luxury Castle Hire, we are not working to earn a lot of profits, we have a passion to convert your precious moments into a lifetime memory.

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For Vacation

We understand that our clients go through a lot of stress in their everyday life, that’s why we offer them an opportunity to rent a whole castle in the UK or a room in one of our incredible castles to relax in a peaceful environment as well as to experience the royal lifestyle.

You can select as many rooms as you want and accompany your family with you to the castle’s available on rent.

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For Weddings

We know everyone wants to make their big day special and memorable. Here at Luxury Castle Hire, you will get impartial advice based on first-hand experience direct from our knowledgeable staff member. If the specific castle suits your requirements only then you will be recommended to book it. Else, we will show you another castle from our huge listings.

When it comes to hospitality, we can guarantee you unmatched experience as all our staff members are seasoned professionals well versed on castle hospitality and passionate to deliver the best in the industry.

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Christmas Party

What about partying all night at the place far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can enjoy your Christmas eve enjoying stunning views and drinks at the castle of your choice. Our passionate crew can arrange everything from a traditionally decorated Christmas tree, delicious food, theme party for the Christmas Eve. We have many options and packages to rent a castle in UK for the Christmas Eve.

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For HoneyMoon

You can rent a castle in UK for your honeymoon. We have proudly featured few mesmerizing castles and packages that are perfect for couples. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t hide the names of the castles. You can check all attractions of honeymoon castles directly from our listings.