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The Christmas Break in the Scotland Castles

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If you are looking to rent a castle in Scotland this Christmas, the first name that you can focus on is the Tulloch Castle. The castle was built during the 12th century. It was first held by the Bains who were replaced by the Davidson clan later. The position of the castle can be described as an imposing one. From here you can view the highland just as if you are looking at an open atlas. It is located right at the edge of Dingwall, which happens to be a very busy market town. It is at a distance of 15 miles from Inverness in a northern direction.

To this day the castle stands proud as an immaculate fortress. It also readily welcomes you no matter which walk of life you may be from.

Cringletie –

Cringletie House is a baronial mansion and a splendid one at that. It was built during the Victorian era. It is located a little bit away from Edinburgh in a southern direction. It is the only hotel in the border area of Scotland to be in the top 20 ratings of AA. You have 13 rooms in the hotel that have been designed individually. Suffice to say, each of these rooms happens to be blessed with a character that is uniquely its. The furnishings here are of a high standard as well.

Kincraig Castle –

The Kincraig Castle Hotel is located close to the Cromarty Firth and this is one reason why the hotel enjoys such great views. It is supposed to be a hidden treasure of Ross-shire. This is the opinion of so many people who have stayed over here. The hotel is known for its romantic appeal and its restaurant is rated highly by the AA as well. It is located immediately outside of Inverness and is fairly close to Tain and Dornoch.

Conclusion –

The Mingary Castle is also an important name in this regard as well. It is a typical robust castle, the likes of which abound in Scotland. It was built during the 13th century. Within the curtain wall of the castle is hidden a Georgian home that is as exquisite as it gets. It can provide accommodation for as many as 10 guests. You can get both bed and breakfast options over here as well as exclusive use stays. It used to be in ruins and had been abandoned for a long time. However, it has been renovated recently, and painstakingly so!


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