Self-Catering in a Castle: Set Your Own Holiday Timetable

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Are you planning for your summer holiday and looking for the best value break for your money? We are here to help you plan a luxurious as well as an affordable holiday – just the way you want! Self-catering in a castle is a great way to enjoy the luxury and the comfort of a castle while paying less at the same time. It is perfect for longer stays with family and friends. Instead of just a room to sleep, you will get the entire living space to yourself. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – holiday in an exotic location in a homely setting.

Here’s why you should go for a self-catering holiday in a castle –

  • The self-catering castles that are featured on our website are more spacious compared to hotel rooms –perfect for families or large groups. Also, they have communal and large living space where you can all sit and socialize and kitchens for preparing your favourite food.
  • If you are concerned about the budget, then the self-catering holiday is the right option for you. You can book self-catering catering castles without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Would you like to have a glass of wine with your evening meal? Or, do you want to keep healthy snacks for your kids stored in a cupboard? Whatever your requirement is, travelling on a self-catering basis will let you have and do everything you want. Now you got more reasons to choose self-catering holiday in a castle!
  • Self-catering holiday works best for people who are travelling in groups, as they get to split the costs of everything – from food and accommodation to other holiday essentials. This is also great for people with a special dietary requirement.
  • Do your kids have their meal at 6 p.m but you prefer having your dinner late at night? Do you have your breakfast at midday? No problem at all, as self-catering castle holidays offer you the flexibility to set your holiday timetable just the way you want!

Luxury Castle Hire is always there by your side when you plan your self-catering in a castle holiday. For details of our castle properties, please have a look at our self-catering castles page.


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