Gloucestershire Castle, Near Bristol, England – South West

This castle has a strong sense of history and gives its guests a unique Tudor experience, but with all necessary comforts. You too can stay where kings and queens have been entertained over the centuries, and where intrigues have been played out in the corridors and ancient gardens.

However, step behind the heavy oak doors and you’ll find a magnificent property with roaring fires, delicious modern cuisine and sumptuous bedchambers – a truly stunning setting for a special occasion or important meeting.

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn once walked these rooms and grounds. Today, the 500 year-old castle-palace with its beautiful oriel windows, Tudor hall and historic parkland is yours for the duration of your stay. Act out your Tudor fantasies with a costumed ball, plot your own corporate strategies within these historic walls or just take a step back in time in your imagination. Whatever the event these ancient surroundings are sure to inspire.

When it’s time to retire, enjoy a regal night’s sleep in the bedchamber where King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn slept or favour the room with a view of the oldest Tudor gardens in England. The rooms offer all modern comforts without losing that sense of time and place, you won’t forget that you are sleeping in a castle.

For brides who have always dreamt of marrying in a castle you will truly feel like a princess when tying the knot here. The ancient interiors lend a sense of drama to the occasion, and the formal gardens are the perfect spot for photos or celebratory drinks on the lawn.

This is an exciting property to take over exclusively, providing an unusual and inspiring backdrop for a corporate event as well as a welcoming and homely environment for a party. There are spacious grounds for some fun activities and team building, or perhaps try your hand at archery or falconry. In times past the King would arrive here on his Royal Progress, to hunt, feast and be entertained. Now you and your guests can enjoy that same experience, so eat, drink and make merry!

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