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Luxury Castle Hire has been matching clients with castles since 1960. We work with venues across Ireland, UK and all over the world just to satisfy your luxury needs. We have a team of experts who are well aware of all the castles as well as luxury properties that we feature on our website.
Our experts know their work well and they go that extra mile to satisfy the needs of our clients. They are always working to make things better for you, so that you don’t have any complaints while staying in one of our castles or private islands.

This is the reason why they visit each and every castle that we feature, stay there themselves and make sure you receive the highest quality services. They always stay updated with the news of the castles. So, what you listen from them is completely true, as they say from their personal experience. Also, our experts don’t just know the castles, but also their owners. This way, we work towards making your castle experience the best experience ever!

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