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6 Scottish castles you can actually rent on Luxury Castle Hire.

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Let’s face it, it is near to impossible for most of us to live like royalty, until and unless you are Meghan Markle, or you got a royal prince fall for you out of nowhere. Yes, humour on my expense!

But, that does not mean we can’t enjoy this feel on a holiday. Say goodbye to the boring blank walls and faceless anonymity of a run-of-the-mill hotel. When planning your next trip to Europe, consider renting a Scottish castle to feel closer to the royalty, and to make your trip imperially unforgettable.

Here is the list of 6 Scottish Castles that you can rent on –

1. Tarn Castle

Tarn Castle

This A-graded stunning castle surrounded by breathtaking views is the perfect place for any sort of gathering. A flashback of 19th century royal tradition, opulence, and style, combined with all the glamour and top-notch hospitality services you would expect from a Highland Castle.

2. Carlowrie Castle

Carlowrie Castle

This magnificent venue on Edinburgh’s doorstep is the stuff of fairy-tales. It is a mind-blowing combination of contemporary modern luxury and a traditional setting. This imperial grandeur is just eight miles west of Scotland’s capital city. Make this privately owned 18th century Baronial Castle your escape from the ordinary.

3. Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle

Standing proud, above the sound of mull from its rocky structure, this seaside castle has a lot of stories to tell. It has been renovated by a team of veteran artisans and craftsman. It is now again ready to offer guests the finest Highland hospitality and an ambiance they would never want to leave.

4. Old Argyll House

Old Argyll House

Old Argyll House is a phenomenal place to spend holidays for those looking for an ultimate medieval experience. With unbelievable beauty and views all around, this holiday home has a perfect space for up to 18 guests.

5. Glenapp Castle

Glenapp Castle

The moment you move up to the enchanting entrance and witness the wind chiming through some of the Scotland’s tallest trees, you will realise Glenapp Castle is not just a dime a dozen place. Discover the true essence of luxury and tranquility at this spectacular castle.

6. Ayrshire Castle

Ayrshire Castle

Ayrshire Castle is the most exclusive place that makes for a perfect Scottish holiday home. This 15th century castle was a wedding gift for Princess Mary, daughter of James II of Scotland. It has also been used as a court and prison in the old times, and now is restored as a luxurious accommodation for 12-14 guests.

Not only for your holidays, but you can also choose castles to rent in Scotland for wedding celebrations. If you always wanted to be wedded like a fairy-tale princess in a royal venue, then renting castles can be the best option. Choose the castle of your choice and make your stay or occasion one of a kind.


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