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5 Amazing Luxury Castles in UK you can Rent at this New Year

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Do you want to celebrate in style? Is extravaganza your choice of indulgence?

Don’t worry! we’ve got your back. In this exclusive list of castles, we’ve cherry picked the cream de la crème and presented it to you. There are several castles to choose from. But these top 5 are where the epitome of luxury lies.

1) Glenapp castle – Built in the gigantic landscape spanning across 36 acres of grazed ground near the coast of South Aryshire, Glenapp castle is stunning piece of monument that is crowned with a marvellous cornice and impressive pediment running across its breath. It has a Scottish Baronial history and architecture with high-ceilings and was built in 1870.

2) Elmbourne House – This majestic castle has a blue-blood lineage and was built to represent authentic Victorian architecture at its finest form. Situated in the leafy suburb of tooting beck in London surrounded by nature, this wonderful property will astound you by its attention to detail and exquisite elegance in its rich interiors.

3) Tam Castle – Witnessing the Tam Castle for the first time will make your heart flutter with joy. It is an embodiment of magic mixed with architecture. A classic representation of Scottish Baronial architecture, the exterior and interiors are strikingly mesmerising. Hosting events in this beautiful castle in Scotland will definitely add a royal flavor to the ceremony. Whenever a patron wishes to rent a castle in Scotland, Tam castle has always being the favored choice. Indulge!

4) Pamflette House – Sauntering in the royal Pamflette house is a truly sensational experience. The exotic privacy in South Devon, UK is unrivaled in any of the castles mentioned here. A house built for regal dwelling with full-bricked marbled walls is true reminiscent of the lineage of aristocrats.

5) Cornwell Manor – This English Country-side manor is a hunk of paradise settled within the rich green landscape with private lawn, pool and backyard for crisp sunny family gathering. It is adorned with ornate cornices, enchanting portico and opulent residence for a royal dwelling.

Go ahead and celebrate like a patrician. These castles are sure to make your event the talk of the town. Be it a wedding, a luxury retreat event or a solo indulgence, these castles are where luxury resides.

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